Renovation of silos, containers and bins

Renovation of transport silos

Until transport silos do not show serious damage, we make standard renovation on them, that consists from dismantling of current silo accessories, repair of small mechanical damages, new painting and back assembly of silo accessories. In case of more serious damages of renovated silo and necessity of more extensive repairs, are these works calculated individually before painting.

Renovation of paint is made usually on the whole surface of transport silo and consists from sandblasting SA 2,5, basic painting by doublecomponent epoxy paint and cover painting by doublecomponent polyurethan paint. Standard paint thickness is 120 ± 20 µm. Necessary tests and issuance of relevant certificates are parts of silo renovation.

Renovation of stationary silos

We solve these renovations depending on the size and stage of damage either in full size or partially, at site of the installation or in our factory.