Lines for production of dry mixtures

We offer complete supplies of technology lines for the production of dry mixtures, like:

  • Mortar and plaster mixtures
  • Concrete mixtures
  • Plastics granulated mixtures
  • Ceramic mixtures
  • Heat resistant mixtures
  • Glass batch mixtures
  • Fly ash mixtures
  • Foodstuff mixturesFeeding mixtures
  • Fertilizers
  • Other special dry mixtures


Basic characteristics and parameters of technology lines
  • Production output up to 100 t/h depending on the type of mixture
  • Modular design enabling future extension
  • Optimal material handling
  • High accuracy of dosification
  • Dustless operation due to closed systems
  • Easy operation and control
  • Final product meeting quality and quantity requirements
  • According to requirements semiautomatic or automatic managemenmt with possible visualisation